John Wesley Powell’s
Fort D Historic Site

Historical Reenactment

Reenacting the Civil War

Civil War sites like Fort D don’t come to life without the dedicated help of volunteer Civil War Reenactors. Civil War reenacting is an exciting and rewarding hobby. Reenactors such as the Turner Brigade members here portray infantry, artillery, engineer, and medical units of Missouri Union volunteers and civilians of the Civil War period. We are a family-oriented group, with members from all around the Missouri – Illinois region. We participate in battle reenactments and living history events throughout Missouri and in adjoining states. We also participate in other kinds of events, such as memorial services, parades, and educational events. Our commissioned and non-commissioned officers have many years’ experience in the hobby and will work with you in getting started. Our multiple units permit our members to learn and experience several period military disciplines.

The renovation and interpretation of Fort D is a special project of the 1st Missouri Engineers, a unit of the Turner Brigade. For specific information on the engineers please click here.

If you have seen Civil War reenactments and thought about participating, or if you are a student of Civil War history and wish you could relive some of it yourself and share it better with others, then contact us:

The Turner Brigade Website/Engineers:
Missouri Civil War Reenactors Association:

Fort D is a project of the Cape Girardeau Parks and Recreation Department, the Cape Girardeau Convention and Visitors Bureau, The Turner Brigade Association, and the Civil War Roundtable of Cape Girardeau.

All interpreters and guides are volunteers and funding is provided by donations of visitors and friends.

Donations are necessary to the continued protection and interpretation of this unique Civil War site.

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